THE BEST TOYS for Giant Schnauzers

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THE BEST TOYS for Giant Schnauzers 

If you know anything about Giant Schnauzers you know they will go to great lengths to make sure your home and family are safe and secure. On the flip side they can easily tap into their inner child and be extremely goofy, a bit rowdy and quite boisterous. So, what do you do with “All That Dog”? To some degree they will have you trained and if you are trained like we are, You stay active! If you don’t spend some of that high driven energy giants can become bored and destructive, so we have decided toys are far better than our furniture and doorways. 

Amongst those us who have the honor of having this very special breed know that as far as toys are concerned, there are not many things that are capable of handling the strength behind this type of dog. They love to play, drag, shake, tug and shred and we find every toy gets to where it will have had its day. What works for other dogs may not be suitable or lasting for these guys. We let our very own decide for the breed, The Best Toys for Giant Schnauzers. Here’s what we came up with…





I don’t know a dog that isn’t a big fan of the tennis ball. The problem we have after a game of fetch is they must be picked up or get chewed-up, destroyed and swallowed within minutes. It’s like a tennis ball treasure hunt for the next week during yard clean-up duty, although we should count our blessings that we have had no emergencies instead. The dirt that gets trapped under the cloth is not good for canine teeth either.

The Chuckit! Ultra Dog ball surpasses anything we could expect. The medium compares in size to a regular tennis ball. It is designed with durable thick-rubber, a bouncy effect and the bright orange color makes it easy to spot. We put it to the test with our very own extreme chewer and hands down this ball is “THE BEST”! They seem to last forever against our extreme chewers! 

Want to keep your hands clean? Arm sore? Check out this  Chuckit! Ball Launcher!


KONG Extreme

Giants are known to be heavy chewers. They don’t call these “Extreme” for nothing. These are the most durable Kong toy of this type and made specifically for dogs like ours. Keep in mind that nothing can be indestructible. Pets should be supervised, and toys inspected regularly. Kong Extreme is made from a durable thick black rubber, treat fillable and has a bouncy effect. Try adding some all-natural peanut butter (Be sure all ingredients are safe for canine consumption) or other safe treats to enrich and mentally stimulate your Giant. If you want the fun to last for longer periods, you can try freezing it!


Every Giant I have ever had reaches an age that stuffed animals become non-existent. I’m not a big fan of allowing a dog to destructively chew either. Considering these things, it is pertinent to live an active life with my Giants. We do a lot of outside activities to spend some of that energy.

The Westpaw Zogoflex Hurley is a great toy for fetch and retrieve. They are available in an assortment of bright colors, making them easy to spot whether you’re in the yard or at the lake… and they float! This is made from a flexible durable rubber, certified safe, non-toxic and made in the U.S.A. These are dishwasher friendly and 100% Guaranteed through the manufacturer. Another option and a little difference in style is this fun  Westpaw Zogoflex Bumi . These are great for playing fetch or even a game of tug .



Jolly Balls

Available in a selection of colors, sizes and a little bit of difference in design. Hands down, these are a TOP favorite amongst the breed!

Jolly Balls like the Tug-n-Toss, 10-inch have been the light in our dogs’ World. These are constructed of a durable (not indestructible) Polyethylene, considered non-toxic for pets. These are bouncy & fun for a game of toss and do not deflate even when punctured. Giants are known for removing the handle fairly quickly, which is the down side to these. If you are looking for their most prized toy this is where it’s at. -ALL TIME FAVORITE!

The Bounce-n-Play, 8-inch is a good tough ball for even the most driven dogs. This too can be punctured without deflating. It has some give making it fun to grab, shake and chase. It is made from a soft type more durable rubber. This ball is a good substitute (without the handle) for the original jolly ball.

Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll, 8-inch is designed with both rope and ball. What Giant doesn’t love these types of toys and there’s two in one.  This is an outside toy with versatile use. Mine really like the action of swing and launch so watch yourself- it could get wild out there! They also like a good game of tug-of-war. We have replaced the rope from time to time or left them without. 





KONG Wild Knots

For young puppies it wouldn’t be as enjoyable if there wasn’t something super soft and plush like KONG Wild Knots Bear  to add to the mix. If you have yet to watch your little one find their newest toy and prance proudly showing off their new prize, you are missing out! These have a knotted rope inside making less room for stuffing also getting to the curiosity of our puppies- they tend to want to know what is inside this toy! Just like children, noisy toys are more fun! These toys do have a squeaker. 



This versatile toy is a favorite amongst puppies. It is made from non-toxic flexible rubber that keeps its shape. Whether you want to toss it, play a game of fetch and return, or add a treat for stimulating that brilliant mind Giant’s tend-to have, this ball is a multi-functional WINNER!  The bright colors also make these balls enticing for your pet to play with daily. I purchased the JW HOL-ee Roller  in large, which are bigger than a softball, but smaller than a volleyball and they generally last throughout constant use until puppy is about to turn 1-year, then the heavy chewing begins.  If you want to add a treat the JW Hol-ee Roller, a smaller size may be better for younger puppies. They do need to be scrubbed clean regularly, which is fine by me considering the lasting quality of this toy and puppies love it! 



Snuggle Puppies

We take additional steps to try to make the transition from our home to yours as easy as possible. Keep in mind everything will be changing for a puppy going with their new family. They have been accustomed to being around their mom, other littermates and family, with usual sounds, smells and environment and now everything is going to be brand new to them. It can take up to a couple of weeks before they settle in, and for you and your puppy to sleep soundly.

Snuggle Puppies helps make this transition smoother. They mimic the sound of a heartbeat pulsing and have an added heat insert. Put this in with your puppy at night and hopefully you can get a good nights rest. If you are receiving a puppy from us, I would be glad to add mom and littermate scent. Just bring it with you or contact me prior to purchase if we will be shipping your puppy. These are available in several colors. The Smart Pet Love heat packs last up-to 24 hours and additionally, available in bundles of 3, 6 and 12.


Mammoth Squeaky Cloth Rope

Of all the rope toys I have purchased, I prefer these. The design here is made from strips of cloth like material rather than string. These seem to last longer and do not shred as easy. I would say this would be best with a puppy that is a little older (3-4 months) considering the Mammoth Squeaky Cloth Rope is 14 inches or maybe even a little longer and thicker than a usual rope toy. They are very colorful and have a squeaker- our puppies love them! If your puppy is teething these are great for chewing and fun for playing toss.

I have yet to find that forever toy, but know this breed loves to stay active and remains puppy like for quite some time. A busy mind keeps a Giant engaged and leaves less room for destructive behaviors. You might purchase your fair-share in toys, but your home and furnitings may one day thank you.


As with all toys, your dog should be supervised, and toys should be inspected regularly. Please watch for any damage that may be a choking hazard or harm to your pet.


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