House Training by Bell-Training your Giant Schnauzer

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Dog owner’s house train their Dog’s in various ways these days. Many owners choose to use potty pads/pee pads for their Dog’s, or newspaper…  even a cat litter tray turned puppy tray.

One thing is for sure, house training can be a very testing time for both owner and Giant Schnauzer.  So, how we implement house training, needs considerable thought from the outset. 

Also worth considering, is the age of the Dog.  Is it a puppy we are house training?  Or an older Dog? Often overlooked are Dog’s from  a rescue shelter,  and of course the situation they have been living in for however long they have been in the shelter, is of course going to dictate how their toilet habits are going to be.  For example:

    • If the Dog has been living in a kennel at the shelter, where they are having to toilet in the space they have available, once they become re-homed, they then of course need to re-learn the house rules and be re-taught the protocol for needing to go outside to toilet.
    • Then if the Dog we are house training is a young Puppy, it is often a tad easier, as all the pup wants to do is please its owner and will absorb all the information quite quickly.

However, there will be the occasional accident while training.  Hence we do need to exercise a bit of patience, which isn’t always a bad thing…

There are different ways in which you can train your Dog, using reward based training. But – How great would it be to teach your Dog to ring the bell when he/she needs to go potty?

How do I house train my Dog using a bell?

Have you ever considered using a doorbell to house train your Giant Schnauzer?

House Training Your Giant Schnauzer by Bell-Training

The Mighty Paw Smart Bell allows you to potty train your Giant Schnauzer from the comfort of your own home … but with a slight twist. 
Using a Bell is a great way to house train your Dogs, regardless of their size and temperament.
As with clicker training, house training via a bell, is a sound based method of training, using classical conditioning.
This enables you to teach your Dog to do certain tasks or learn certain behaviors with the aid of the sound that comes from the device you are using.  You would then follow it with a tasty reward.  Think of it like a camera captures/marks a snapshot of a moment in time, the sound device you use to teach your Dog marks the desired behavior you are wanting and helps your Giant understand that what he just did resulted in a tasty reward…  and therefore, increases the likely hood of your Dog repeating the behavior.

Where did Dog training by Sound originate from?

Training behaviour by sounds goes back to the days of the Pavlovian conditioning era, ‘Circa’ 1905.  It is a fantastic training method for any Dog, especially your Giant Schnauzer. House training, like other aspects of Dog training, should be a happy experience for both the Dog and the owner.  In many cases, house training is a difficult time, and needs patience and perseverance.  The Mighty Paw Smart Bell can help make this a great time for bonding too…  by turning the training into more play based training.

What are the key features of The Mighty Paw Smart Bell Door Bell?

The key features of this brilliant piece of technology are:

      • Because it is “No Strings Attached”, you don’t have wires or the need to ever purchase batteries (saves money)
      • No unnecessary wires hanging all over the walls
      • By training your Dog to ring the doorbell when they need to go potty, there are no more toileting accidents
      • It is so EASY TO USE
      • Bell rings using .75 lbs of pressure making it easy to use for any size Dog
      • Flexible placement on the wall
      • It has 4 Adjustable volume settings, 38 different tones
      • Water resistant
      • Up to 1000 foot range indoors
      • Included in the package is a training guide
      • This product is made in the USA – Mighty Paw is owned and operated out of Rochester, NY

This is a fantastic product with great results.  By teaching your Giant Schnauzer to use The Mighty Paw Smart Bell, it will help to eliminate any door scratching problems you may be having with your Dog at the present time.  It may also help you and your Dog to communicate better with each other as well.  The size of the activator is great for our “fear the beard” breed, and the trigger is just the right sensitivity for Dogs.  It doesn’t require much force from your Dog in order for it to function.

Is The Mighty Paw Smart Bell portable?

The Door bell is portable so you could use it on either the front or back door, also, if you take your Dogs on vacation with you, there are no wires to undo or anything like that, so you can take the Mighty Paw house training bell with you.

Is there an option to purchase different sets?

Yes, you can purchase either one (1) activator or two (2).

The Mighty Paw Smart Wireless Door Bell is battery free.  So, no need to worry about the batteries running out.  This will always be a great bonus to this product as many devices that do run off battery power, seem to just run down the batteries in no time at all, so cost is always at the forefront when considering a purchase like this.

Giant Schnauzers are playful and mischievous characters by nature and very intelligent.
It won’t take long for them to figure out how to work the Mighty Paw Smart Wireless Door Bell to their advantage.  And then the task at hand for us owners is to enjoy every second of our Dog’s, and try to keep up with them, ensuring they have plenty of mental stimulation as well as fun!

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