Paws Pamper Professional Greyhound Comb for Dogs and Cats

Paws Pamper Professional Greyhound Comb for Dogs and Cats


Professional metal comb designed to tackle knotting, matting, tangling and daily combing. Crafted Strong & Sturdy.

Product Description

Size: 7.2″ x 1.37″

Were you aware pet hair needs just as much upkeep as our hair? It’s totally true! An animal’s fur is normally susceptible to knotting, matting & tangling, so what is a pet parent to do? Get the power of PawsPamper on your side! Steadily combing your dog or cat’s coat is proven to promote healthy hair growth, toughen the condition of his/her skin & reduce airborne pet dander allergens. Not just any comb will do- Our comb was designed with Professional Groomers in mind.
ANTI-CORROSION SPINE & ROUND PIN ENDS: The aluminum spine is enhanced by the anodizing process which converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish. This comb is designed with rounded pins. No sharp edges. No scary scratching.
LIGHTWEIGHT ERGONOMIC COMB DESIGN: Even as other combs have the tendency to slip & slide when gripped, this one fits comfortable in hand. No more slipping & sliding!
CRAFTED FROM ECO-FRIENDLY ALUMINUM: Also unlike most grooming combs, this one is made from the best quality eco-friendly aluminum. Ultra-strong and sturdy, this professional grooming comb is built to last.
CAN BE USED TO GROOM ALL FURRY PETS: Safe enough for canines & felines of all breeds & sizes, this comb is the go-to grooming tool for pro & DIY pet groomers. It detangles & removes matted fur to keep your pet feeling their tip-top & healthy.
#1 GROOMING COMB FOR A HEALTHY COAT: The larger pins are perfect for tackling tangles, knots & thicker fur,  the finer teeth are best for thinner coats.
Comb backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee – Adore it or get your money back!

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