Meet Sebastian

Very Handsome and charming. He has some experience in the ring with four first place finishes and it shows. Black American coated- thick and gorgeous. He is charismatic, chatty and an absolute joy!

Meet Kaia

This girl has certainly stolen my heart! She is daughter to Draco & Khaleesi- absolutely adored by all. She is gorgeous with a silky American Coat and the desired traits of her Sire. She is incredibly sweet and loving with an easy-going temperament.

Meet Aspen

​My happiest girl! She is charismatic & full of personality!! I call her my little “Bebop” as she is always on the go. She greets me with gentle and tender hugs. I love love love this little girl!

Meet Venus

Once you have had a wonderful dog, A life without one, is a life diminished.”

-Dean Koontz-