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NuVet Plus:
Natural, Powerful
Immune System Support!


After endless hours of studying dog food you realize A LOT of things. Commercial and even raw food diets can lack in areas of nutrition in order for your dog to thrive. If you think about eating fast food everyday for the rest of your life, this is really similiar to what you may already be feeding in your bag of kibble.

A quality nutrient supplement will provide essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes crucial for our pets. NuVet canine supplements (this is more than a vitamin) will not only offer great nutrition but, will also assist with the prevention of many illnesses. NuVet has several ingredients that strengthen the immune system, and overall health of your dog, making it less vulnerable to viruses, germs and other common dog illnesses. Taken daily it will provide this support THROUGHOUT the dog’s lifetime.

I have seen Nuvet benefit in several areas including:

  • Boost in energy for senior dogs
  • Spayed female incontinence
  • Skin & coat issues
  • Increased healing time
  • Successful litters
  • Improved whelping/delivery

After extensive testing with many different combinations of ingredients, scientists formulated NuVet Plus™. This unique formula consists of precise amounts of vitamins, minerals and high-potency antioxidants that when combined, create a synergistic and powerful boost to the immune system.

Introduce NuVet Plus to your dog and watch the different in their skin and coat, energy level, and overall health! NuVet supplements are great additions to your dogs daily diet. NuVet dog supplements will not only offer great nutrition for your dog, but will also assist with the prevention of many illnesses.


Major considerations in formulating NuVet Plus™ were the human grade quality of ingredients and their nutritional values, as well as the bio digestibility and utilization into the cellular framework. We also considered the chemicals and toxins that find their way into our animals’ food. NuVet Plus™ was formulated to combat these harmful pollutants. NuVet Labs™ has designed a cutting edge formula that we believe will help increase your pets longevity and quality of life.

NuVet scientists performed extensive research and experiments with a variety of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and herbs, until they created NuVet Plus™, which provides a powerful synergistic defense against the harm caused by free radicals.

NUVET BENEFITS FOR PUPPIES AND ADULT DOGS                                       

The excitement of a new puppy can be made all the more joyful when they are made comfortable and well taken care of. When a new puppy is ready to leave the litter, usually at around 8 weeks, it’s important that certain needs be met that will help them bond with their new family.
Commercial and raw food diets can leave big gaps in their nutrition. A quality nutrient supplement will provide essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes crucial for developing pets. The first two years of a puppy's life are critical for building a strong immune system, bones and organs.
NuVet Plus is a scientifically formulated nutritional supplement that helps to ensure the proper development of young dogs in several crucial ways.

Puppies need a healthy immune system, which is responsible for defense against environmental toxins, by-products and unwanted pathogens. NuVet Plus contains Blue Green Algae which is a very rich chlorophyll source and has been shown to enhance the health of the entire body, strengthen the immune system and promote intestinal regularity.

A young canine needs a strong heart to power all that energy. NuVet Plus contains Evening Primrose Oil, which is high in gamma linolenic acid (GLA), an essential polyunsaturated fatty acid that promotes cardiovascular health.

Puppies, like children, require strong bones to support their active lifestyle. A new pup that can stand, jump and run must depend on their nutrition to give them a healthy skeletal structure. NuVet Plus uses Oyster Shell which has the proper ratio of quality Calcium and Phosphorus for optimum absorption. Along with Magnesium, these are the vital elements for the structural framework of bones.

NuVet Labs knows a puppy’s developing nervous system needs help to stay healthy which is why we make sure to include Vitamin B3 (Niacin) as part of our formula. B Vitamins are essential, and B3 promotes growth and proper functioning of their growing nerve network.

Growing pets need real nutritional sources and one of the best comes from 100% Chicken Liver found in NuVet Plus. Paddle dried to maintain full potency of its Omega Fatty Acids, Vitamins A, C and B Complex, NuVet Plus provides essential nutrients to fuel red blood cells and make your puppy's internal organs strong.

NuVet Plus is the best nutritional supplement for young canines; perfectly balanced to provide the most effective fundamental and essential ingredients that can help defend your new puppy from toxins, nutritional deficiencies, common illnesses and viral illnesses.

Why choose NuVet Plus?

Award Winning #1 Supplement in the United States
On the forefront of pet health since 1997
Manufactured in a FDA (human-grade) Manufacturing Facility
100% Natural, Human-Grade Ingredients
No Sugars & No Fillers
Cold-processed using paddle-drying process to retain the rich nutrients found in each ingredient
Created by a Team of Professional Veterinarians, Physicians, Pharmacists & Nutritional Scientists
Safe for dogs and cats of all ages, including pregnant females