Let the Outdoor Fun Begin!

Kaia & Sebastian’s Litter @ 5 weeks

First outings have begun, and these Babies are having a blast! I absolutely LOVE to watch them experience things for their very first time. They had no idea what to think yesterday and today they cannot get enough!  It’s hot and we are out for very short periods of time. They have not mastered “let’s go inside” or “outside” but, that’s to be expected… they are just tiny little puppies. Before you know they will be like super fast little toddlers putting everything in their mouth along the way. Families BEWARE! I would recommend puppy proofing your homes and yard.

A couple of years ago I started to incorporate a more natural approach to pests for both our yard and pets (at an appropriate age) and have had great success. This is Texas and yes everything is BIGGER here including the bugs. I realize we need to be proactive, yet I feel better putting little feet on grass that has been protected by safer products rather than harsh chemicals.

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