Extended Giant Family: PUPDATES

Ollie & Khali celebrated their 4th Birthday this week!

Khali’s mom treated her to frosty pup treats and insists Khali is her “child”. Can anyone say “LOVE”!?! Smitten Breeder here, smiling EAR-to-EAR! She spoils her rotten and has taken her all over the U.S. – by plane! She just grabs an extra seat to take her girl wherever she goes.

Thank you for keeping her needs and desires utmost in mind. I know she is exactly where I would want her to be.

Ollie here (Khali’s littermate) with her Sister Sophie, also had her 4th Birthday! Though, I wasn’t met with happy thoughts this week as Ollie has decided to take up chewing the door frame- Not once but, Twice!! Thankfully, not all weeks are the same and I have had the pleasure of having a regular relationship with her family so, we discussed some good positive direction to help nip this problem in the bud.

Her Dad and I laughed this morning. He asked how the dogs were doing. I said, “Good. Nobody’s chewing up door frames here, although they have taken up digging holes at the fence line- trying to get to the rabbits”. We both laughed so, today can’t be too bad!

Grace and Mercy on their morning walk with the family.

When we had all that rain, the flooding (that didn’t quite get this far) and the tornado.. this Supermom checked on us regularly and they have been a great addition to our extended Giant Family!

My inner child has surfaced and I really want a ride in the wagon. 😉

As always- Super cute kids!

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