The Top 4 Best Elevated Dog Beds for Giant Schnauzers I Active Large Breed

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While dogs might crave cool hard floors, ultimately it is better to get them up away from these types of surfaces, to help protect their joints from harmful pressure and callusing elbows (hygromas).

Raised Dog Beds are lightweight, elevated, cot style beds that generally provide firm orthopedic support. They are typically good for indoor or outdoor use, and sometimes both. These types of bed can also be great for active breeds who are in training… which never stops with Giant Schnauzers. They are easy to clean and accommodate the dog who craves the cool floor, by allowing air circulation to run beneath the bed. A great advantage to these types of dog beds is…  NO STUFFING to tear apart!

There are perks to having an elevated dog bed that have great advantages over other style dog beds.

      • Chew resistance- There is no stuffing or foam to chew on. The framework is durable and strong.
      • Easy to clean- They can simply be wiped down or hosed off, with no laundry to contend with. This also keeps them free from harmful bacteria and odors.  
      • Provide temperature control by allowing air circulation to run beneath the bed. This works well during both cold and warmer months.

Based on design, quality, reputation, opinions, pet owner reviews, and warranty we concluded…

The Top 4 Best Elevated Dog Beds


1. Kuranda All-Aluminum Chew-proof Raised Indoor/Outdoor Dog Bed

The Kuranda All-Aluminum is undeniably high quality in design and construction. Its chew-proof aircraft grade aluminum frame is both lightweight and strong enough to support up to 250 lbs. Have a heavy chewer? – The legs and corner fittings are aluminum as well, which makes this bed extra dependable and durable. Kuranda designed this bed in a way the fabric slides within the patented framework, so it isn’t exposed to chew on. This bed can be used both indoor and outdoor… If it happens to get wet, simply wipe off any excess moisture.

There are 6 sizes available, sized from mini up to XXL (when choosing the right size, use the inner fabric area measurements). There are a variety of fabric colors to choose from, including: burgundy, forest green, royal blue and smoke and of the four fabric materials, the Heavy-Duty 40 oz. Vinyl is the most durable and easy to clean.  

For all the reasons above, this bed is a great investment for Giant Schnauzers. It provides great durability for our tough and active breed, and firm support against putting pressure on important areas such as hips and joints… something cool hard floors can’t provide. This bed seconds in as a great training tool and is preferred by many trainers. Being lightweight, it can simply be moved anywhere you need it to go and give the “Place” command. 


  • High quality materials built to withstand use.
  • Strong and lightweight Aircraft grade aluminum frame for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Chew proof design
  • Lightweight- move anywhere quickly and travels easily.
  • Provides firm orthopedic support
  • Easy cleaning
  • 1-year chew proof warranty – This is the Best warranty you will find in Raised Dog Beds.
  • After warranty, replacement parts are available including fabric for under $50.


  • It is pricey, though lower quality products aren’t going to be as good.
  • Of the 4 durable fabrics to choose from, the outdoor vinyl weave is not covered under the chew proof warranty.

If you are in a hurry and hunting for the right bed, the Kuranda All-Aluminum is of Supreme Quality for active breeds. It is strong, chew proof and provides support needed for large active breed dogs. If you are wanting a little extra padding, there are Kuranda Reversable Fleece Pads available.

2. K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed

The K9 Ballistics Elevated Dog Bed is at the top of the list in chew proof dog beds. It is virtually indestructible and a last resort for owners with power chewers and dogs who tend to destroy. To give more of a chew resistance, Military grade K9 Ballistic Rip-Stop fabric is used and pulled taut with no access edges to the fabric. There is no concern of sagging or gathered material to be chewed at. The frame is 100% lightweight aluminum, including the corner fittings, making this bed durable even against most heavy chewers. This elevated dog bed is easy to clean and resistant to water, hair, dirt and odor.

It comes in various sizes, ranging from small to XXL and a variety of colors to suit.

While some owners consider this bed on the decline, it is still one of the best in value for chew proof designs on the market.


  • For indoor/outdoor use
  • High performing ballistic rip-stop fabric
  • Replacement cot fabric for under $35
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • 3rd Party tested for strength, resistance to abrasion and cleanability
  • 180-day chew proof warranty


  • Comparably priced to other beds, the 180-day warranty doesn’t seem long enough.
  • There is only 1 fabric material option for this dog bed. The fabric is strong, though some have shown that it isn’t indestructible, and you could be replacing the cot fabric, which isn’t ideal if it doesn’t pair well with your Giant Schnauzer.
  • I could not find accessible information on how much weight this bed can support.

3. Kuranda Walnut PVC Chew-proof Heavy-Duty Vinyl Raised Indoor Dog Bed

Unlike the All-Aluminum, the Kuranda Walnut PVC Raised Dog Bed is for indoor use only. The frame is made from high strength furniture grade poly-resin with a UV resistant finish to guard against the elements.  It provides firm support for dogs up to 100 pounds and comes in a variety of sizes from mini to XXL, and four different fabric colors.

Various fabrics to choose from include: Heavy-Duty Vinyl (strongest and easiest to clean), Ballistic (abrasion resistant), Cordura (provides good traction and great material for dogs with allergies or sensitive skin), and Vinyl Weave (waterproof, for outdoor use). Consider the inner fabric measurements for choosing the size your dog will need, rather than the outer dimensions.

Of all the cot style beds we really like the Kuranda raised dog beds for their patented chew-proof engineering- the fabric is formed to meet within the framework without exposing the edges. At that, it is where the fabric meets the frame that is chew resistant, not necessarily the framework itself for the Walnut PVC version. If this is something your dog needs more protection over, the all-aluminum style by Kuranda or the K9 Ballistics Chew Proof raised bed will be more suitable.


  • The poly-resin frame is double enforced to provide strength and support.
  • No exposed fabric edges
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • 1-year warranty *The ‘Vinyl Weave’ fabric is not included.
  • Additional parts and fabrics available for purchase after warranty.


  • The corner fittings will not withstand being-chewed, we think it’s worth it to spend a little more on the All-aluminum … if your dog is a chewer.
  • While this bed is ONLY marketed for indoor use, some buyers are using this outdoor and the frame will sag from high temperatures (this is not the fault of the company and just something to keep in mind if you plan to use this bed outside).

4. Coolaroo Original Elevated Dog Bed

The Coolaroo Raised Dog Bed is designed with a metal frame and weave type breathable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) knitted mesh that is resistant to fleas, mites, mold and mildew. It comes is a variety of four colors:  brunswick green, grey, nutmeg and terracotta and three sizes ranging from Small (34.75”x21.5”x8”), Medium (42”x25.5”x8”) and Large (51”x31.5”x8”) and supports weight limits ranging from 50-100 pounds, depending on the bed size. It has a frame made from powder coated steel, meant to be strong yet lightweight. Coolaroo has replacement covers available as well. This raised dog bed is for indoor or outdoor use and comes equipped with non-slip rubber feet to securely grip the floor or surface. 

Some share this bed is not easy to assemble, nor durable, yet others are complete opposites and thrilled with their purchase.  This bed is not recommended for larger dogs, diggers or chewers.


  • The frame is designed lightweight, but strong.
  • Of the 4 raised dog beds we have compared, this one is the most inexpensive.


  • Even though the legs might be chew proof, the upper fabric is exposed at the edges which is something to consider for dogs that chew.
  • With larger dogs, it may start to sag and need replaced with a more durable bed for better support.
  • This bed does require some tools to assemble. Some have reported the screws come loose and need to be tightened throughout use. If you plan to use this outdoor, it has been mentioned the screw sets rust and may be hard to removed and need replacing from time to time.  

When considering a Raised dog bed, be sure to use the inner measurements to be certain of the right fit for your dog. A good size comparison might be to use your dog’s crate size. Know your dog’s behaviors and whether they chew, dig and what their activity level is. Do they enjoy being outside or would they prefer to stay inside and be a couch potato per se… or both?

These mindful thoughts will help you choose the right elevated dog bed suitable for your Giant Schnauzer.

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